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The Home Study Program is a series of assignments and tests to graduate from high school at your own pace. Upon enrollment the program will be mailed to you. You may complete the program at your own pace. Once you complete the program and all content has been reviewed for completeness, a genuine high school diploma will be conferred not a GED. In addition, a complete set of official transcripts will also be issued. 



How does the Home Study Program work?

The high school diploma program is an accelerated program. It consists of all requirements necessary for graduation, from secondary grades 9 - 12 th in just a few short months - weeks and not YEARS! We base the credits you receive on a credit hour basis and not clock hours as traditional schools. You have the capability of completing the program based on content and not on clock hours. Completing your credit hour content is what defines our program as "accelerated." Many schools, colleges, universities and trade schools nationwide have programs that are credit hours vs. clock hours, which are approved across the board by the US Department of Education and accrediting commissions nationwide.

Once a student enrolls in person, online, or by mail the home study program is sent out through the regular mail service. Included in the package are instructions, workbooks, assignments and instructions on how to schedule monitored tests. You may complete the home study program at your own pace. The sooner you complete each section and submit your completed workbooks back to the school for a passing grade and posting, the sooner you will graduate.

The cost of our Home Study program promo is $499.99 USD or $799 for international enrollees.  It consists of 5 subject matters: 


1- Writing      2- Mathematics     3- Science     4- Social Studies    5- Reading

PROMO $499.99