We offer an accredited High School Diploma program. Students can chose from our Correspondence, Online or Home Study programs. Our study options are for students who may need to obtain their high school graduation goals at their own pace. You can earn your high school diploma with a full set of official transcripts at your convenience. To graduate you must achieve a 24 credit hour curriculum and a 2.00 G.P.A or Higher. ENROLL TODAY!


On behalf of myself and the staff of American Academy High School, I welcome you and wish you every success in your educational endeavors and career growth.
We believe that each student contributes directly to American Academy High School's growth and excellence of its academic programs. We hope, you will take pride in being a member student.
As we progress through the sinews of the twenty first century, we will encounter challenges and changes in who an employer is seeking to hire. Therefore a High School Diploma is almost a "prerequisite" to any job in this millennium, and may be accepted by various colleges and universities.   So take control of your Life and take the next steps to a brighter future.  Improve your education and train for the 21st century. We will do our part, to help you succeed.
Have a prosperous Future!   
A synopsis of the American Academy High School Programs  

“An academic advocate” American Academy High School is the answer!

American Academy High School was founded as a neighborhood high school in Miami, Florida in 1999. The home study correspondence and online programs were developed and introduced in 2000. For over fifteen years American Academy High School has earned an excellent reputation in the United States and throughout the world.  American Academy High School offers an accelerated high school diploma. You can quickly complete requirements for many, or all, subjects by taking certain nationally published exams in your home. Exams are available in English.   The American Academy High School academic programs have become a valuable life line that joins that synapse of uncertainty to a life of determined outcomes for the future of those who are looking for an alternative route to an acceptable High School Diploma. The diploma is accepted by many Universities and Colleges. A person who wants to improve his life may need to embark on a program like ours. The School has achieved this by offering the following approaches to learning:


OPTION #1 (ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM): The Online Distance Leaning Program, is a combination of an online and a distance learning methodology where the student registers for classes and receives a set of books at home or to a specified location. However, all mandatory assignments and testing is performed online. The student progresses at his/her own rate and pace.

This course is a compendium of seven salient subjects, three mandatory elective assignments, and a final exam of 120 questions. In order to graduate from this program, the student must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher. Upon succesful completion of the academic requirements, the student is conferred a High School diploma that may be used for academic and/or work related endeavourers.


OPTION #2 (ONLINE TEST): For students in a more advanced stage of learning, or for those that may have already finished their studies but have failed the FCAT, or for those who are just missing academic credit(s) to graduate (16 years of age or older), we offer the Online testing method. The online test works in a similar way as does the GED. However, the student will earn a regular high school diploma and transcripts at completion of all the require testing and fulfillment of graduation requirements, rather than a GED. The student must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher in order to graduate from this program.

All of these different methods of academic approach have their own peculiarities but, the academic rigor is similar as far as the quality of academic material, course curriculum and testing standards is concerned.

In America, people are generally given a second chance to prove their mettleand become useful members of society and this is what the school and our students can achieve. You have the power to make the American Academy High School program a part of your future success. Enroll Today!